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Check Mind (W) Longsleeve
For the source of all happiness and sorrow, we need only look at our own minds. The way in which we misperceive phenomena both inwardly and outwardly, provides the basis for our disturbing emotions and negative habitual patterns. The main obstacle preventing us from experiencing lasting happiness is the self-cherishing aspect of the mind. In order to be happy and to benefit others we need to continuously undermine our self-centered tendencies. When the symptoms of self-cherishing arise as inordinate desires, anger, arrogance, fear, and envy, we apply the antidotes of loving-kindness, compassion, humbleness, courage, and generosity respectively. By repeatedly checking our minds for selfishness applying the appropriate antidotes when needed, we will soon develop the power to control our own minds, give rise to our enlightened potential and accomplish the highest benefit for ourselves and others. Since the mind is the engine that determines our experience, and the motor that motivates our activities, this is the one engine we need to keep in check! All Dharma Gear designs are printed with environmentally friendly inks & set on 100% sustainable organic non- GMO fabrics. Wear your Meditation, and change your world!

Why Dharma Gear?:

Every message in our designs is meant to turn the minds focus toward a greater spiritual awareness within ourselves and others. Through our designs we intend to bring like-minded individuals together which is the indispensable ingredient in bringing positive change in our world. Dharma Gear apparel is eco-conscious through and through. We partner with other eco-conscious companies and individuals who share our intent to create sustainable products that support the continued wellness and benefit of the earth and all its beings through fair trade, and safe production practices (procedures) for employees and the environment by using non-pollutant materials as well as the off-set of any carbon footprint that is created.

Our organic apparel is made from blends like 70% naturally sustainable bamboo and 30% organic cotton, or 70% organic hemp and 30% organic cotton. All of our organic bamboo and organic cotton t-shirts and hoodies are printed with water based inks.

Why Bamboo?:

It is comfortable, breathable, moisture wicking, durable, machine washable, antimicrobial, soft, and naturally sustainable…

Organic bamboo feels like a cross between silk and cashmere. Organic bamboo is soft, breathable, naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal. These qualities are not lost during processing or repeated washings.

Because bamboo, grows so quickly it is a resource that is not only sustainable, but also gives back to the environment,–it only needs to be planted once and then harvested on a periodic rotation.

Because it grows so fast 1-3 feet every 24 hours -bamboo is one of the most renewable resources on the planet. It also produces 30% more oxygen than a hardwood forest on the same amount of land and an acre of bamboo can sequester 25 tons of carbon dioxide per year, compared to only 6 tons from a young forest.

Used in everything from food, flooring and construction to bed sheets and underwear, bamboo is quickly becoming a popular choice for environmentally conscious people around the globe. And buying organic bamboo insures that the product is cruelty free, and constantly gives back to the environment, making it perfect for conscientious people striving to do no harm.

Bamboo fabric is made from the fibers of bamboo grass, and is softer and more sustainable than cotton, but perfect to blend with organic cotton.

Bamboo’s natural fiber properties make it non-irritating and a very pleasant alternative if you have sensitive skin. It also has a natural protection against UV rays. Bamboo is considered an excellent moisture wicking fabric that helps keep you dry and comfortable so its great to wear for yoga, sports and work.

Why Organic Cotton?:

Because of its purity, organic cotton is naturally softer, hypoallergenic, more comfortable, breathable, warming or cooling to the body, and perspiration-resistant.

Organic cotton uses pesticide free seeds and never uses GMO seeds. Like bamboo, organic cotton builds strong soil through crop rotation and retains more water efficiently thanks to increased organic matter in the soil.

Organic cotton is hand picked rather than harvested with the use of chemical or mechanical means. Weed control thru cultivation and hand hoeing maintains (the delicate balance) a balance between pests and their natural predators through healthy soil. Organic cotton production uses the beneficial insect biological and cultural practices to control pests by using a trap crop, planted to lure insects away from cotton.

Why Hemp?:

Hemp has the feel of linen but is 4 times stronger than cotton, so it lasts longer but softens over time. It’s been used over the centuries to make rope, clothing, paper and other necessary products. Hemp filters UV light, resists bacteria growth and keeps your body dry. It retains dye better than any other fabric so colors won’t fade.

Hemp uses less water, resists insects and crowds out other weeds, making pesticides and fertilizers unnecessary.